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easy graft cristal after Cyst excision with PRF and calc-I-oss

The easy graft crystal Is Composed of 60% HA and 40% beta TCP.
The calc-I-oss mixed with PRF is proved to have a high conductivity for bone apposition. 


The autogenous bone has always proved the excellence, the problem is when we have infection in the graft when we use autogenous bone, as also the collection of the bone needs another invasive surgery.Synthetic bone is the key to the anti-infection complications.The future is now.

External sinus lift with easy graft, calc-I-oss and fibrine membrane (PRF). combination technique

Easy and Safe.

Extraction socket preservation with platelet rich fibrin (PRF)
The video shows 2 surgeries separated by 3 months. The first part shows the diagnostic,extraction and PRF grafting of the extraction sockets . The second part shows the quality of healing and bone formation at implant placement surgery.Thanks to Choukroun in France who made this technique available to the dental profession.

Sinus grafting by PRF part I

Sinus grafting by PRF part II

Different materials can be used for sinus grafting purposes. In this application Platelet Rich fibrin graft obtained from patient's blood according to "Choukroun technique" is been used. PRF containing various "growth factors" enables fast healing

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