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Simple Steps for GUIDOR ® easy-graft ®

Easy Graft Classic Cristal Bone Management

Preparation and mixing of easy graft

Preparation and mixing of easy graft 


 This video shows one of many ways of the preparation and manipulation of easy graft crystal

The application of easy graft classic should be after several minutes of the preparation in order to allow the porosity of the granules to be activated by the biolinker.

Internal sinus lift with easy graft 


 easy-graft™ is the first biomaterial applied straight from the syringe into the defect where it

subsequently hardens and creates a porous but stable bone graft. During the application
the granules stick together and stay at the defect site.
easy-graft™ is 100% synthetic, completely resorbable and replaced by autologeous
.bone tissue within months.

easy-graft™ is intended for use for all dental indications where bone grafts are needed


easy graft cristal after Cyst Excision with PRF and calc-I-oss

The easy graft crystal Is Composed of 60% HA and 40% beta TCP.
The calc-I-oss mixed with PRF is proved to have a high conductivity for bone apposition. 


The autogenous bone has always proved the excellence, the problem is when we have infection in the graft when we use autogenous bone, as also the collection of the bone needs another invasive surgery.
Synthetic bone is the key to the anti-infection complications.
The future is now.

External sinus lift with easy graft, calc-I-oss and fibrine membrane (PRF). combination technique

Easy and Safe.



Preservation of the alveolar bone after extraction in the aesthetic zone 


Have you ever experienced a bone graft procedure without total flap closure and with complete exposure of the biomaterial?
With Easy Graft your wishes have come true.
There's absolutely no need for total closure and the final empression can be proceeded in a week.
the Beta TCP Easy graft is the most innovative product worldwide.


easy graft and periimplantitis


The no swelling bone graft easy graft by degradable solution has proved its exellence in the reconstruction
 of the bucal lamella in many sites including the antero-posterior region


ridge splitting easy graft with dental implant

easy graft is also used for ridge expansion backup and reinforcement of the buccal lamella after expansion in the aesthetic zone.

easy graft with immediate implantation in the aesthetic zone


The no swelling bone graft. easy graft by degradable solution has proved its excellence in the reconstruction of the buccal lamella in the aesthetic zone.

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