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calc-i-oss™ - granules for bone regeneration

calc-i-oss™ is a granulate consisting of bio-resorbable high purity beta-tri-calcium phosphate (beta-Ca3(PO4)2) for filling of bone defects. The purity of the beta-phase is > 99%, allowing complete degradation of the implant material present in the body.

Beta-TCP granule calc-i-oss™ Magnification 100x, spherical macro structure

calc-i-oss™ is biocompatible. No undesirable inflammatory effects or immunological defense reactions are known for pure beta-tri-calcium phosphates in their appropriate form.

calc-i-oss™ is osteo conductive. When filling in the defect, the granules create a macro-porous structure which enables the formation of autologous tissue. The granules’ micro-porosity of more than 50% is able to take up a considerable amount of blood. The presence of blood provides favorable conditions for healing.

calc-i-oss™ - granules for bone regeneration

calc-i-oss™ is manufactured by a sinter process at temperatures >1000°C from synthetic raw material and does not contain any animal or human derived substances. The special production technology leeds to granules of high stability with no tendency to fine particle attrition.

Interconnective porosity of calc-i-oss™. Magnification 2000x


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