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QDT 2015
Edited by: Sillas Duarte; Date of publication: May 2015

With its focus on the newest techniques and materials for esthetic restorative outcomes, QDT 2015 features original articles on CAD/CAM, conservative adhesive restorations, non-prep veneers, pink esthetics, full-mouth reconstructions, and overall challenging cases. Two State of the Art articles are presented: Mastering Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of the Severely Worn Dentition by Sergio Arias et al, and CAD/CAM Technology for Complete Denture Fabrication, by Tae Kim and Sillas Duarte, Jr.. Neimar Sartori et al provide this year's Biomaterials Update on CAD/CAM High-Strength Glass Ceramics.

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Price: 695 NIS + VAT

QDT 2014
Edited by: Sillas Duarte; Date of publication: May 2014

With a focus on the newest techniques and materials for ultimate esthetic outcomes, QDT 2014 features original articles on minimally invasive indirect restorations, model-guided soft tissue regeneration, opacity control using pressed ceramics, complex integrated esthetic rehabilitation, CAD/CAM tooth-colored occlusal splints, shade interpretation, optical phenomena, and the art of visual thinking.

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Price: 680 NIS + VAT

כמעט הכל על שתלים דנטליים

ספר זה סוקר לעומק את תחום השתלים הדנטליים. הוא מציג גישה כוללנית המבוססת על עקרונות ביולוגיים מוצקים ובטיחות מקסימלית.גישה זו הביאה לניסוח כללים ברורים של מערכת קבלת ההחלטות הנשענת על ניסיון קליני עשיר, שיעזרו לקורא לנהל את המקרים המורכבים ביותר.

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מחיר: 390 ש"ח + מע"מ

Esthetics of Anterior Fixed Prosthodontics
Gerard J. Chiche , A. Pinault (Authors)

Principles and methods on how to achieve the best possible aesthetic results. It shows how the restorative dentist works not only with the dental technician, but also with the peridontist and the orthodontist.

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Price: 100 $ + VAT
SALE:  75$ + VAT
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Implants and Restorative Dentistry
Gerard M Scortecci (Editor), Carl E Misch (Editor), Klaus-U Benner (Editor)

A full-color guide to dental implantation and restoration. This comprehensive work covers the various aspects of modern implant practice using laterally inserted implants. Continue reading...

Price: 362$ + VAT
SALE:  294$ + VAT 

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