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Self-inflation by osmotic principle


Osmed self-inflating tissue expanders are made of a specially developed hydrogel that uses the osmotic principle to gain volume.


Based on the osmed hydrogel we developed special products for the areas Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dental.

Preoperatively osmed hydrogel implants are in their pre-expanded state, and therefore are a small, hard and easy to handle device. After implantation osmed hydrogel implants start to absorb body fluid and grow consistently to a predefined form and size. The increased volume of the implant – dependent on the product type grows between 3 to 12 fold – leads to an increase of soft tissue. 
Some of the implants use a perforated silicone shell to reduce the swelling speed and effect a roughly linear growth. osmed offers a new concept with in surgical technique including the use of special instruments and template where required.



Safe Material


  • Stable, dry devices, made of a crosslinked hydrogel: Co-polymers based on Methyl methacrylate and N-Vinyl pyrrolidone
  • High biocompatibility: no toxical influence, no gentoxical effects, no immune reactions or material caused infections
  • Basically same hydrogel material also used in soft contact lenses
  • The outer silicone shell is well known and well proven in breast implants
  • Controlled production: All manufacturing is done under GMP conditions in clean room
  • Pureness and safety of material: Vertical integration of manufacturing from polymerisation to final  
    product ensure a reliable quality




  • High biocompatibility
  • Low complication rate
  • Low risk of infection
  • Controlled swelling
  • No search for valve
  • No missed valve deflation


  • Dental

     Great variety of sizes : 0.24, 0.7,1.3 and 2.1ml
     Sphere: .35 ml
     With silicone shell
     A perfect solution for each indication



  • Small incision
  • Minimal trauma
  • No periodic filling - Benefit in cost, time and less pain
  • Short surgical time
  • No pressure peaks
  • Local anaesthesia possible


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Thank you for visiting our website.


Israimplant Company was established in 1982 by Mr. Milhovich Michel, and provides variety services and new products in the dental and medical fields.


We believe in professional, personal, devoted and polite service that follows our customers for over 30 years of activity.


In the site you can get an apercu from our main activity fields:


Importing and marketing:

 Diskimplant® and Tilted Implants  from Victory, France- THE BIO CONCEPT TECHNIQUE –Basal Implantology Osseointegrated- Special for Patients with Atrophic Jaws.


 Osteora® - For Periodontal Regeneration for periodontal defaces stimulates stem cells with ph between 8-9 for 14-16 weeks, bacteriostatic and 100% synthetic.


Sinus Lift Drill® - a Revolution of Sinus Lifting. Used to perform a sinus lift more easily and safely. It is optimized by use of a hydraulic effect. 


easy graft® classic and easy graft® crystal from Degradable Solutions, Switzerland a SUNSTAR GUIDOR company - New Synthetic Biomaterial for Membrane Free Bone Regeneration.


Calc-I-oss from Degradable Solutions, Switzerland a SUNSTAR GUIDOR company. It is supplied as granules consisting of bio-resorbable high purity 100% beta TCP, for filling bone defects.


Hydrogel Expander Dental from Osmed company, Germany. Tissue Expansion prior to augmentation of resorbed edentulous ridges.


The Bone matrix OSTEOTENSOR® Concept from Victory company, France. Innovative minimally invasive osteogenic stimulation by stem cells activation. Flapless bone distraction.


MDI-(Mini Dental Implants) from 3M ESPE Company, USA - Long Term Denture Stabilization.


P.R.F® (platelet Rich Fibrin) - from Process, France - Autogenous Membrane Rich in Growth Factors for Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation. 


Nocospray® / Nocolyse® from Oxi'pharm®, France - A New Generation of Airborne Surface Disinfection.


Calbenium® from Airel, France - Disinfection of the Dental Unit Water


We Organize Courses and Seminars in the Dental Implants Field for Dentists and Dental Technicians.

·         Course Diskimplant® System

·         Course Tilted Implant (All on 4, All on 6 with Flat Connection)

·         Hands on PRF® (Platelet Rich Fibrin) ַ & A-PRF

·         Hands on easy-graft®

·         Hands on tissue expansion


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